Everything Starts with a Plan

Whether you are moving from earned income to investment income, have sold a business or inherit a lump sum, everything should start with a plan. Tideway’s Financial Planning services incorporate two core planning disciplines in addition to understanding your personal investment risk appetite.

Cash Flow Needs and Investment Time Horizons

Tax Efficient Investing


Becoming A Tideway Client

Initial Enquiry

You contact Tideway with your enquiry or questions.


We have a first informal chat to discover if we are a good match.


We send a summary email of the discussion, including further details on your enquiry.

Initial Proposal

We draft an initial proposal, summarising our thoughts on the overall strategy and detailing more on Tideway and our services.


We have a follow-up conversation to discuss the Initial Proposal, answer any questions and clarify any points.

Engagement Process

We’ll send you a Fact Find to gather further information and fully understand your current situation, objectives, capacity for loss and attitude towards risk. Our Terms of Business and Client Engagement Letter will be sent to you to be signed.

Suitability Report

We detail our advice in a formal personalised recommendation.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your financial plan is in place, and your money is working to secure your future and your family’s future. You also have a dedicated advisor that will be on hand to answer all your questions and help you achieve your financial goals.

Find out how we can help you plan for your financial future

We provide you with a professional service and personalised advice to help you make informed decisions about your wealth. We assist you in creating and executing a robust financial plan and then look to doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

After you sign the engagement letter, we take some time to get to know you and ensure that the advice you’ve been given is right for you. Once you are ready and confident to progress, it could take anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months to finalise everything and ensure that your monies are invested in accordance with your financial objectives.

Financial planning is a service for individuals who need help to achieve their financial objectives. A Tideway wealth manager will support you with advice in the following areas: retirement planning, pension consolidation, inheritance tax planning and cash flow events such as business sales, inheritance and divorce, or simply investing for the future. A wealth manager takes your objectives and aligns them with an investment strategy that allows you to manage your finances to reach your financial goals as tax efficiently as possible.

Investing your money in the right way and making use of all of the available allowances in order to meet your financial objectives requires extensive knowledge. Some people have the ability to do this independently, but for many, having access to a team of experts is essential to ensure that you have the best chance to make your financial objectives a reality. Many of our clients tell us that having an impartial opinion about their money always helps them to make better decisions. Having a wealth manager provides perspective with the added benefit of being able to interpret the overwhelming market information publicly available and advise on the most appropriate investment and financial planning strategies that consider your financial objectives, time horizon, and willingness to take investment risk. Whilst as a Tideway client, you might only interact with your personal Tideway Wealth Manager, be assured that you will be leveraging the combined knowledge and expertise of our internal investment committee plus some 200 fund managers and experts that are employed to manage the funds that we invest in.


We have helped hundreds of individuals to create and follow a retirement plan. Retirement can be a daunting stage in a person’s life, and we are on hand to help during all stages, from the wealth accumulation to the decumulation stage. We help you create a holistic retirement income strategy that works around you, aiming to provide you with the most tax efficient income in retirement so that you can achieve your financial goals.

We take a number of different factors into account when assessing a client’s risk profile. Some of these factors include age & investment time horizon, but we also look into an individual’s capacity for loss, their experience and tolerance to taking risk and also their need to take on investment risk.

At Tideway, we know it can be difficult to talk about what happens when you are no longer around. However, our team of planners are on hand to help you and your family with these challenging scenarios. We can help plan for every eventuality but also assist in devising a plan to look at minimising your potential inheritance tax bill and therefore passing your wealth onto the next generation in the most tax efficient manner.

A lot of work, time and investment is made to build a business and selling it changes your personal tax position. Tideway can help you build a plan to ensure the proceeds of a business sale are invested sensibly and that you take advantage of your tax position to ensure that you maximise your financial objectives and provide security for you and your family.