Building financial futures for

People seeking to grow their wealth

Whether you have accumulated your savings over the years or received a windful it can be daunting to know how best to preserve and grow your wealth.

There can be times when you’re not sure what to do with your money or what decisions you need to make about your finances to secure your future.  

With so many savings and investment options available, it becomes difficult to know where to start. 

At Tideway we will work with you to understand your investment goals and create investment advice personalised to your goals.

things to consider when looking to invest your money

Why should you invest your money?

When considering your long term goals (5 years plus), investing your money could be far more beneficial for you than holding cash savings. Even in these times of higher interest rates the returns that you earn on cash are still lower than inflation. Investing your money will give it a chance to grow in value, with that chance increasing the longer you remain invested.

Understand what you have built up to date

You may already hold savings and investments such as shares, bonds or property. You may have invested directly, or on a pooled basis. Each investment carries its own risk, and it is important to understand and balance your exposure to risk. Tideway will help you understand your existing investments and their given risks, your adviser will create an investment solution that is aligned to your tolerance and financial ability to take on risk. By taking a rational approach to your money we look to take the emotional side of investing away from you.

Understanding your Investment Goals

Your money may be earmarked for specific goals such as school fees planning, helping your children on the property ladder, retirement income or simply a long term nest egg. Understanding the time horizon for each of your goals will need to be considered when drawing up a bespoke investment strategy. Money required in the short term should not be exposed to investment risk, whilst funds earmarked for longer term goals have the time horizon to accept some risk and associated volatility.

Understand your tax position

There are various investment products with different tax implications, some that may work for you, some that may work against you. It is important ensure that your investments are working for you in the right way and that you are not paying unnecessary tax. Tideway will look to ensure that you are making full use of available tax wrappers and update you on legislative changes.

Why you should seek Financial Advice

Tideway’s leadership has over 35 years of investment advisory experience. We believe in hard work through research and strong due diligence.

Your Tideway Wealth Manager will work with you to understand your investment goals and long term aims and priorities.

In addition to your dedicated Wealth Manager, you will have access to a team of investment professionals who together will create a bespoke financial plan aligned with a cost-effective investment solution and your risk profile.

We like to share our expertise, research and knowledge both on a one to one basis and
with updates through the Tideway App, regular ‘House View’ communications, and Webinars.

Investment advice should not stop once you have invested your money. Your Tideway Wealth Manager will regularly review your plans taking account of any changes to your objectives and circumstances. Your underlying investments are monitored on an ongoing basis.

To learn more, download our Investment Guide.