Comprehensive Tideway Investment Management Solutions

Tideway’s financial planning process will highlight what accounts your investments will be held in and the investment mandates for each account whether you’re targeting growth and/or income and the levels of risk you want to take.

Who Manages My Money?

Tideway Wealth Managers
Fund Managers
Investment Professionals

Model Portfolios

Tideway has created a suite of model investment portfolios which allow your wealth managers to create a bespoke investment solution for your accounts and overall portfolio.

These portfolios are governed by Tideway’s investment committee and supported by detailed research and due diligence processes:

Portfolio Administration

Tax reporting

Daily online valuation

Quarterly performance reporting

Withdrawal and cash management

Tideway has carefully appointed third parties as product and custody providers who are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to hold your money. Tideway does not hold client money.

AJ Bell is a British public limited company that provides online investment platforms and stockbroker services. You can find out more about  here.

Investment managers play a crucial role in investing as they have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the complexities of financial markets, researching and selecting investment opportunities, constructing portfolios and managing portfolio risks.

The investment manager for your portfolio is Tideway Investment Partners LLP (“Tideway”), whilst Tideway Wealth Management provides you with initial and ongoing financial advice.

Tideway does not hold clients’ money. The recommended product provider will typically have the facility to hold and arrange custody of our clients’ assets. However, for the majority of our recommendations and portfolio management services, we have carefully selected AJ Bell Securities Limited (AJ Bell) to act as the custodian and provide clearing and settlement, and safe custody for our client’s assets.

These are based on discussions with your wealth manager regarding your aims and objectives and a completed risk attitude questionnaire. We can then recommend a suitable portfolio which will consider your specific needs and investment objectives.

Yes, through Tideway Online, our Client Portal.

Tideway Wealth will provide you with quarterly reporting on performance of your portfolio. The report will enable you to assess the performance of your investments against an appropriate benchmark. You can access your valuation daily through Tideway’s client portal and app.


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