Tideway’s 2024 Outlook

Happy New Year all, let’s hope it is a prosperous one with health and happiness!


We spent much of Wednesday morning this week discussing the global economic and investment outlook covering all the main regions and asset classes we invest in with our external analysts TS Lombard. Specifically with Martin Shenfield who is our independent investment professional on our investment committee and who brings a wealth of experience from years of investing both professionally and personally.


I’m not going to cover the contents of that discussion today. We have our online Q&A next Monday, 15 January, at 6 pm GMT. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still do it here and we will send a final reminder on Monday. We will use the knowledge gained on Wednesday combined with our own views to shape this session.


We have over 50 clients signed up for the session already (no pressure!) and we don’t have any constraints in terms of numbers, it would be fabulous to see as many of you as possible on the call.


We will record the session and publish it later in the week and will precis the content in the next Market update along with the tweaks we are making to portfolios. I say tweaks because we think we are already well positioned for the year.


We have already received questions in advance for the session notably:


1. I’d be interested to hear Tideway’s view on what investment themes we can expect in 2024/2025 as central banks reduce interest rates and their plans to reduce their balance sheets following the end of QE, and specifically the investments Tideway thinks will perform well. Also, obviously, interested in other likely headwinds for investors….Ukraine, Middle East, return of inflation, elections.

2. Is Tideway actively considering increasing allocation of funds to Chinese equities and other Asian markets? This time last year many large investment banks were collectively recommending such markets and have been wrong. Do you still believe this to be the case or are these markets now attractive?

Thanks for these. Question 1 allows us to do a broad round up of our outlook and Question 2 coincidentally covers a topic we spent some time on with Martin this week and where he had some strong views.


Please do send us any questions and also any views and comments you have, email them to your wealth manager ahead of Monday evening and we will try and answer them and include them in the session. We are always keen to hear your views on interest rates, stock prices and any investment ideas.


We are lucky to have many investment professionals amongst our clients as well as clients active in economics and politics, both global and domestic, getting your feedback is an essential element to Tideway and we are always keen to hear from you. In the last two months we have seen two highly regarded pieces on global political risks, clearly a hot topic and whilst I write one of my longest standing clients who lived and worked in Russia for many years is preparing a research paper for Tideway on Russia.


Finally, we should be posting out to your portal account the Q4 2023 performance reports towards the end of next week which, as well as showing you the impact of the last two months rally in all our investments, contains Nick Gait’s review of our investment funds and their performance in 2023.


Looking forward to working with you in 2024.