James Baxter in the Daily Express

Tideway Wealth’s James Baxter features in Daily Express, Saturday 29th February, commenting on “global stock markets’ falls in wake of Covid-19 virus”.

‘Pensions hammered as shares fall another £60bn’: analysis by James Baxter

James Baxter of Tideway was invited to give his expert view in the Daily Express (29/02/2020) article “Pensions hammered as shares fall another £60bn”.

“Global stock markets have had a bumpy ride in recent days [as a result of the Coronavirus]. But this is not a time for investors to panic…

…It’s crucial to remember that equity investing should be part of a long-term investment plan. Over the long term, it is widely accepted that equities can produce superior investment returns, but can also display higher volatility, especially in times of market stress…

…So, to get the best long term returns our strong advice is to stay invested and perhaps stop looking at your portfolio for a while. While it can be dismaying to see temporary falls, always bear this maxim in mind: it should come good again in the long term.”